"...Migrations' is a song that can make your day, with it's celestial melody that defies gravity and expectations." 

"This track, together with opener, 'Blue in the Face' showcases a songwriting development towards elegant pop melodies and arrangements reminiscent of a sparser version of Grizzly Bear, while most of the other songs on the record reveal more folky overtones." 

-- Deli Magazine



"A collection of bitter sweet melodic laments that shine with a blistering hope, tied to minor chordal changes and percussive elements that can just make your heart skip a beat." 


"All the while the focus on lyrics and vocals make this a powerful sound for Byars, showing us the true writer in him, this would be the best depiction of when a band leader goes solo, you feel at moments he is in the room with you, singing for you..." 


"On songs like “Brother,” Byars chants, “Make it last, make it last, because this life is too fast.” The minimalistic layering of organ and light lead guitars add a subtle depth to an otherwise acoustic guitar driven album, think The Snake The Cross The Crown meets Sunny Day. Overall the deviation if you’d even call it that, from the Hungry Hands sound, is a great refreshing angle, it’s very JJ..."